US stocks close higher but well off highs in volatile trading

Nasdaq was down -1.88% at the lows, and up 5.03% at the high today

The US stock indices are closing higher on the day but off the highs for the day. I guess you can say there well off the lows for the day too.  The NASDAQ index was down -1.8% at the lows, and up 5.03% the highs. It closed up 2.3%. The volatility is red hot.

The final numbers are showing:

  • The S&P index rose 11.29 points or 0.47% to 2409.39. The low price was at 2319.78, down -3.27% at the time. The high was at 2466.97, up 2.87% at the peak.  
  • The Nasdaq index rose  160.73 points or 2.3% to 7150.57. 
  • The Dow rose 188.27 points or 0.95% to 20087.19. The low price was at 19177.13, or down -3.63%. The high reached 20442.63, or up 2.73%.

A hugely volatile day for the US stocks.