The NASDAQ index erases all the days declines

S&P index and Dow industrial average lag the tech heavy NASDAQ

Although Apple still remains down on the day by -1.71%, the tech heavy NASDAQ index has moved into positive territory erasing all of the earlier declines.

  • The NASDAQ index is currently up 1.172 points or 0.01% and 9732.66

The S&P index and Dow industrial average are lagging. They still down on the day and off session highs.

  • The S&P index is down -9.5 points or -0.28% 3370.82. The high reached 3374.62. The low extended to 3355.61
  • The Dow is down 159.2 points or -0.54% at 29239. The high reached 29330.16. The low extended to 29116.81

Amazon is up 1.24%

Netflix is up 2.18%

Facebook is up 1.45%