The broad market indices close near highs for the day. Indices decline for the week

NASDAQ index leads the way to the upside

The broad market indices are closing near the highs for the day with the S&P and NASDAQ index just off their highs. The Dow 30 index is also up on the day but off there high levels.

A look at the final numbers are showing:

  • S&P index rose by 11.2 points or 0.39% at 2863.70. The high price extended to 2865.01 while the low fell to 2816.78
  • NASDAQ index rose by 70.837 points or 0.79% and 9014.55. The high price extended to 9018.39 while the low fell to 8821.379
  • Dow industrial average rose by 60.08 points or 0.25% at 23685.42. It’s high price extended to 23730.08, while its low fell to 23354.15.

For the trading week, the major indices are lower with the Dow industrial average taking the biggest hit.

  • Dow, -2.65%
  • S&P index, -2.26%
  • NASDAQ index, -1.17%

This week the NASDAQ index moved above its closing level for 2019 at 8972.60. The Dow industrial average and S&P index are still down by greater than double-digit percentages.  The year to date numbers are showing:

  • NASDAQ index +0.47%
  • S&P index -11.36%
  • Dow industrial average -17.01%

European shares ended mixed in trading today.

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