Solid recovery day for the US stock indices, but Dow and S&P lag

NASDAQ composite index leads the way with a 1.34% gain

The US stock market had a solid recovery today especially in the NASDAQ index. That index rose 1.34% on the day. On Friday the NASDAQ index fell by -1.59%. The S&P and Dow indices both lagged, however. 

The final numbers for the major indices are showin:

  • S&P index +23.4 points or 0.73% at 3248.92. The index fell by -1.77% on Friday. The high today reached 3268.44. The low extended to 3235.66
  • Nasdaq index rose 122.46 points or 1.34% at 9273.40. The high price reached 9299.85. The low extended to 9188.55
  • Dow rose 143.78 points or 0.51% at 28399.83. The high reached 28630.39. The low extended to 28319.65

In after hours trading alphabet reported 

  • revenues of $46.08 billion versus estimates of $46.94 billion
  • earnings-per-share came in at $15.35 versus $12.53

The current shares are trading down -2.2% at $1450.05