Pres. Trump: He “too often” regrets sending some tweets

Pres. Trump having a “come to Jesus” moment

 Pres. Trump speaks an interview with barstool sports blog:

  • China trade deal means less to him now after virus
  • Japan has been ripping off US for years up over cars

and a remorseful comment:

  • he “too often” regrets sending some tweets

Of course he does not define which tweets he regrets….

Meanwhile Trump’s campaign manager Stepien comments to reporters:

  • Trump to visit oil rig in Midland Texas next week
  • Trump needs to take PA, Wisconsin or Michigan to win the election.

The poll news this week show that Pres. Trump trailed Biden Florida by 13% where he outvoted Hillary Clinton by 1.2% in 2016. A poll in Texas also had Biden leaving Trump by 1%. Trump defeated Clinton by 9% in 2016.  

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