North and South Korea – shots fired between the two in the Demilitarised Zone

South Korea’s military report the North has fired gunshots hitting a South Korean guard post in the central border area of Cheorwon.

  • The South Koreans said they broadcast a warning message and returned fire with two shots in response
  • No injuries have been reported
  • Efforts have been made to contact the North to find a reason for the incident ,,, ADDED – Yonhap (South Korean media) report the two sides are now in contact.

This comes just after North Korean state media published photos of Kim Jung Un at a public appearance, celebrating the opening of a fertiliser plant near Pyongyang.  KJU had not been seen in public for nearly three weeks. 

Let’s see what develops ahead of forex markets opening on Monday in Asia. An escalation of tension on the Korean peninsula should be a positive input for yen.

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