Nasdaq is positive at least. S&P and Dow are down as the day works toward the close.

S&P and Dow still down by over 1%

As the stock market moves toward the close, the S&P and Dow are still down 1% or more. The Nasdaq index, however has turned positive with a gain of 0.27% currently.  

Helping the Nasdaq are:

  • Tesla, +12.1%
  • Netflix, +7.67%
  • Amazon, +6.65%
  • AMD, +5%

The S&P index is currently trading down -29.3 points or -1.05% to 2760.64

The Dow is down -320 points or -1.37% at 23393.6.

Hurting the Dow today are:

  • Caterpillar, -8.58%
  • DuPont, -5.91%
  • American Express, -4.61%
  • Raytheon, -4.41%
  • J.P. Morgan, -4.13%
  • Coca-Cola, -3.94%

J.P. Morgan will announce their earnings tomorrow morning. Other financials will be announcing this week as well including Citicorp, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Wells Fargo.