NASDAQ index turns positive on the day

S&P and Dow also trading to new session highs

The major US stock indices have now all turned positive. The NASDAQ index which has been lagging the S&P and Dow today, as the race declines and is now trading in the black and at new session highs. The S&P index and Dow industrial average are also trading at their highs for the day.

A snapshot of the markets currently shows:

  • S&P index up 14.52 points or 0.46% at 3166.60
  • NASDAQ index up 8 points or 0.8% at 10556
  • Dow industrial average up 214 points or 0.84% at 25920

All these levels are just off of the session highs.

In other markets,

  • gold has moved back below the 1800 level and currently trades at $1799.50. That is down -$3.95 on the day
  • WTI crude oil futures meanwhile have turned positive and trades back above the $40 level at $40.18. That is up $0.56 or 1.39%. 

In the US debt market, yields have moved higher off session lows but still remain negative on the day:

  • 2 year 0.409%, -0.9 basis points. The low reached 0.133%.
  • 5 year 0.277%,-0.6 basis points. The low reached 0.256%.
  • 10 year 0.607%, -0.6 basis points.. The low reached 0.567%.. 
  • 30 year 1.294%, -1.8 basis points. The low yield reached 1.246%

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