My Best Fx Trading Strategy for 2019? Hieken Ashi Smooth Forex System Explained – In the Robot Traders Club we’re in search of the best Fx trading strategy to turn into a Forex trading robot (aka MT4 EA). Well, that’s kind of a lie. We’ve experimented with several trading systems in 2019 and intend to do the same in 2020.

While the Hieken Ashi Smooth Fx strategy didn’t turn out to be the best or top fx trading strategy this year, it did show a lot of promise. Below you’ll learn how it works:

This Hieken Ashi based strategy takes the Smooth version of this alternative price bar and combines two extreme settings so they act as a slow and fast moving average of price.

What you get is a trend and opportunities to enter on a pull back with the trend.

We’ve taken things a step further here and this Forex Expert Advisor calculates how much profit have been made per trend. If over zero (or any dollar figure you want, for that matter) it will stop trading until the opposite trend beings. This way, if you lock in profit for a trend you don’t end up giving it all back when the trend ends.

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