Major indices are moving higher as Trump press conference continues

S&P index and NASDAQ trading to new session highs

As the press conference continues, the major indices are making new session highs:

  • S&P index is trading near unchanged levels at 2852.00
  • NASDAQ index is trading up 33 points or 0.37% at 8976.91. 
  • Dow industrial average is trading down 22 points or -0.10% at 23603

At the start of the press conference the major indices were trading at the following levels:

  • S&P index -6.13 points or -0.21% at 2846.37
  • NASDAQ index -6.101 points or -0.07% at 8937.62
  • Dow industrial average -56.86 points or -0.24% at 23568.48

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