Germany reports 342 new coronavirus cases, another 21 deaths in latest update

The daily case count in Germany falls into the weekend again

That is the same “seasonal” effect that we have observed over the past few weeks now, so it’ll be interesting to see how the virus trajectory develops over the next few days – though it does appear to be slowing down somewhat.

The 342 new cases sees the total confirmed cases rise to 174,697 cases in the country but RKI estimates that a total of ~154,600 persons have recovered from the disease. Meanwhile, the 21 new deaths sees the total on that front rise to 7,935 persons as of the latest update.

RKI estimates the virus reproduction rate to be 0.94, which is close to the key threshold of 1.00, but this figure is a little lagging. For now, it isn’t enough to suggest the German government will put off plans to reopen the economy and that is the most important thing.

You can check out Germany and other countries’ coronavirus data here.