Florida smashes coronavirus case record, but it’s not all bad news

Florida reports a huge spike in cases

Florida reported 15,299 coronavirus cases today, smashing prior records. It’s the largest single-day rise for any state during the pandemic. That’s a one-day 6% spike in cases that compares to the seven-day average of 4.8%.

But it’s not as bad as the initial headlines look. The number of tests spiked to 142.981, which was also a one-day record and compares to 87,062 the day before.

Importantly, the percentage of cases that were positive fell to 11.25% from 12.59% and 18.35% on Thursday.

Florida positivity ratio

Finally, deaths were at 44 compared to 95 a day earlier.

Over in Arizona, the number of cases fell to 2537 from 4221 a day earlier. There are some definite signs of flattening in the Arizona curve but some of the numbers are hard to square. Last week, the % positive ratio was around 33% for a few days and it’s suddenly dropped to 20%, and was even lower than that on Saturday.

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