Dow leads the charge as Nasdaq gives up some gains.

Dow still up near 420 points.

After the S&P moved back in the black for the year and Apple toyed with the $400 level (reaching a high of $399.82), the market started to see more selling of the high flying Nasdaq and the broader S&P index, and more buying in the Dow 30 stocks.  

Apple is still up and part of the Dow too, but it is currently trading At $391. Tesla, which traded to an intraday high at $1794, is trading at $1543 currently.

The top 10 Dow stocks are led by Pfizer which is up 5.29%.

Dow stock
Things may have gotten a little too frothy for some of the Nasdaq stocks. The index did reach over 20% up on the year at the highs today. It is currently up 19.07%.  The S&P index which moved briefly into the black for the 2nd time since February, failed for the 2nd time to hold onto those gains.  The index is currently down -0.43% on the year.  
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