China president Xi Jinping: Virus control situation continues to improve

Comments by China president, Xi Jinping

  • Will adjust work focus and measures in accordance with changes in economic situation and virus control domestically and abroad


Last night, China’s situation has got me thinking about how all governments everywhere are responding to the situation. The goal in China was to eliminate the virus spread altogether, which is why we saw such strict lockdown measures taken up.

And even as the locally transmitted cases dwindle down to zero, precautionary measures have become part of the daily life there. People have to wear masks, constantly sanitise their hands, go through disinfectant screenings and bodily temperature checks, and maintain social distancing to a certain degree.

Many other countries have gone into lockdown already or are starting to now, but is it their ultimate goal to follow the China route? Or is this just buying time to manage hospitalisations and deaths while trying to develop a “herd immunity” eventually?