Arizona reports a surge in cases by 6.5% vs. 2.8% yesterday

Case count over 2000 for the 1st time. Total is up 2,392. 

Arizona (my home state) is reporting a surge in cases by 6.5% vs. 2.8% yesterday. The state is him also reporting total cases over 2000 for the 1st time.

  • Confirmed Cases: 39,097
  • Daily Case Increase: 2,392 (+6.5%)(record)
  • Confirmed Deaths: 1,219
  • New Deaths: 25
  • PCR Tests: 353,991
  • New PCRs: 9,062
  • Antibody Tests: 135,295
  • New Antibody Tests: 1,122prev. 
  • case increase: 6/9 +2.2% 6/2: +5.6%

The rising cases is being attributed to the reopening of the economy.

Before Arizona lifted its stay-at-home order, only about 5% of COVID-19 tests registered as positive. On Monday, that number was around 16%.

Personally speaking there is a mix of people wearing masks and those not wearing masks at grocery stores (and Home Depot – those are two place I go). News reports at nightlife establishments show crowds with no masks at all. 

Pres. Trump is scheduled to speak on June 23 at an event organized by some of his college age supporters. The event is scheduled to happen in Phoenix and is open to the public, but will be catered toward young Americans.  The focus may be on the youth but the Arizona elderly conservatives show up for his visits. It will be interesting to see if they are scared away by the increase in cases.

Arizona is a key swing state for the president. A recent Fox news poll had Biden leading Trump. 

Senator Martha McSally is also behind Mark Kelly in her Senate seat bid by double digits according to the same Fox poll.  

Having a rising case count is not good news for large gatherings in an indoor facility, but President Trump is desperate for the state to turn his way.  The decision could backfire if cases surge even more and he is held responsible. 

PS. The Governor is not requiring masks (so far at least) at the event.