A Turnaround Tuesday. Major indices close higher.

6% gains for S&P and Nasdaq.

It is a Turnaround Tuesday for the major US stock indices.

The summary of what was a wild swing day is showing:

  • The S&P index rose 142.88 points or 5.99% to 2529.01. The low reached 2367.04. The high was up at 2553.93
  • The Nasdaq index rose 430.189 points or 6.23% to 7334.78. The low reached 6828.91. The high moved up to 7406.23
  • The Dow rose 1049.27 points or +5.2% to 21237.79. The low reached 19882.26. The high reached 21379.35

In the last hour of trading, their was what has been more typical volatility.  Below is the summary of the changes. Not only did stocks move higher, but the US 10 year yield moved up by 5 basis points.  

Although off the highs the major US indices are ending the day well off the lows.

Major indices close higher