-:¦:-Dynamic Sync-:¦:- Profitable TrendFollowing Forex Trading System HitRate 80%+, R/R 2:1 MT4

When specific market forces (Price Action, Trend, Momentum and Market Strength) are working in unison, the combined effect can produce higher probability trades. The Sync trading method depicts…in real-time…the interaction of these market forces providing traders the means to make trading decisions with greater confidence and less emotional hassle.

Sync is designed in a simple-to-use format. It can be applied to most any intraday time chart including daily, weekly, and monthly time charts. Best of all, it is built on the MetaTrader 4.0 platform with free datafeed directly from the clearing firm!

When you register for the Sync method Demo, you will receive the indicators and template shown below. These are designed to automatically install making installation a snap! You also get the step-by-step “how-to” training manual. Everything you need to begin learning and using the Sync method.

Here are some important facts about this method:

* The whole method is fully disclosed. You don’t have to subscribe or buy anything else.
* The method is simple to learn and even a new trader should be able to master it in a day.
* It can be adapted to suit any time frame. You can use it for intraday trading with 5 – minute charts or you can position trade it with daily or weekly charts.
* The method is robust and logical – once you understand how everything works it will automatically make sense.
* Large moves are automatically captured with very little proportional risk.
* Even on 5 – minute charts there is no need to stay glued to the screen. Once your information has been gathered and the criteria met – you can set it and go.

With Sync, traders identify and use two important trading components in real-time: Price Action and Sentiment.

Price Action is market movement, such as the oscillation of Open, High, Low and Close prices. Too often, traders are mesmerized by trivial price flucuations and lose sight of the underlying trend of the market. Many traders tend to jump in and out of the market instead of staying with the trade as a trend develops. Sync is designed to eliminate price distortions. It reveals periods of market strength and trend and periods of consolidation.

Sentiment is the intuitive feeling or attitude of traders and investors in the market. For example, if the sentiment of the market is bullish, then traders and investors expect an upward move in the market. Often, sentiment is an indication of optimism or pessimism in the market based on recent news announcements or political events. The Sync method uses a hybrid custom indicator developed to show postive (buyers) sentiment or negative (sellers) sentiment.

Working in unison, Price Action and Sentiment give traders a distinct trading advantage. When both are in agreement, favorable trading conditions exists. For instance, when price action is showing upward movement with buyers sentiment, there is higher probability of a Long position having a favorable outcome. Similarly, when price action has a downward movement in conjunction with sellers sentiment, a short position has a favorable outcome.

New version 1.4 include:
oNew custom indicators!
oNew neuro-net predictive tool!
oNew Scalping templates!
o New Day Trading templates & strategies!
o New Swing Trading templates!
oNew updated 140 pages Sync Trader’s Manual!
o New advanced techniques!
o New Installer for easy installation!